Making Implant easier: An Advance Approach to drilling & stability (Different Bone Different design)

Department of Prosthodontics, PCDS & RC organized first of its kind Advanced Scientific programme on the different approach to drilling and stability in Dental Implants, which is a cutting edge modern approach to replace a missing tooth. The programme encompassed a detailed lecture where clinical advances and innovation in Implants were discussed. Dr. Supreet Sunder Manipal was the Dynamic speaker who enlightened the delegates about the modern approach to implant placement.


The programme was highly acknowledged and was attended by over 350 delegates from all the Dental college of Bhopal. The event was graced by the dignitaries from Peoples University, Dean PCDS & RC Dr. Ajay Bhambal and Dean, PDA, Dr. Sumit Narang. Dr. Neerja Mallick, Registrar, Peoples University appreciate the efforts of Dr. Benaiffer Agrawal who was the organizing chairman of the event.


Dr. Neerja Mallick congratulated the team behind the successful event which has Dr. Swapnil Parlani, Dr. Amit Khare, Dr. Sunil Kumar Mishra, Dr. Gaurav Beohar, Dr. Kirti Jajoo, Dr. Shreyans Damade, and Dr. Pushkar Dwivedi. Dr. Surendra Agrawal was the State Dental Council observer and was highly impressed by the flawless execution of the scientific programme.

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